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ECSDA responds to the European Commission’s consultation on FinTech

In its response, ECSDA expresses its support of technological innovation, including in the areas directly linked to CSD activities. ECSDA notes that due to the competing priorities of reducing costs, responding to margin pressure and the needs of a single access point, the borders between different business models in financial and other markets are likely to be blurred. At the same time, the need for a regulated entity which provides fundamentally important services for the economy is only likely to be enhanced. Continue reading

CSDs and “blockchain” technology

20 July 2015 – The growing popularity of virtual currencies such as bitcoins is having an impact on securities markets with the emergence of new forms of virtual currency-based investments. Transactions in these innovative products typically make use of “blockchain” technology, a process allowing for speed and efficiency, but also presenting new challenges in terms of financial stability and investor protection.

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