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CSDs contributed to the creation of EU conflict of laws in their domain and do not see a need for an overarching reform

Today, ECSDA responded to the EU conflicts of law consultation. The legal certainty of securities settlement and holdings is of utmost importance for the resilience of CSDs’ ecosystems and the safety of their operations. For this reason, European CSDs have contributed to the creation of conflict of laws rules carefully crafted to address the special needs of securities settlement systems. ECSDA would like the legislators to ensure that the certainty provided by these rules is not altered in any new pieces of law. Continue reading

ECSDA responds to the European Commission’s consultation on FinTech

In its response, ECSDA expresses its support of technological innovation, including in the areas directly linked to CSD activities. ECSDA notes that due to the competing priorities of reducing costs, responding to margin pressure and the needs of a single access point, the borders between different business models in financial and other markets are likely to be blurred. At the same time, the need for a regulated entity which provides fundamentally important services for the economy is only likely to be enhanced. Continue reading

CSDs support shareholder transparency

15 July 2014 – On 9 April 2014, the European Commission issued a legislative proposal amending the Shareholders Rights Directive (SRD) of 2007. ECSDA looks at the expected impact of the proposal on central securities depositories (CSDs), and highlights some issues for consideration by the European legislator. Continue reading