ECSDA is entering in the new 2018 with its new logo

ECSDA is meeting the new 2018 with its new logo. The logo speaks for itself about the nature of Central Securities Depositories, the resilient and stable financial market infrastructures. CSDs shape the future of financial markets by providing digital and innovative but risk-averse solutions.  The seven stars in the logo recall ECSDA’s European geographical coverage. The change of our logo is a first step of a coherent review of the ECSDA’s digital identity.

We wish to all of you that 2018 brings even more dynamism and resilience to external events.

Let 2018 be a colourful and cheerful year for you and your loved ones!


ECSDA response to the EPTF consultation

European CSDs thank the European Commission for the constructive and effective discussions at the European Post Trade Forum (EPTF). In addition to the insight provided in the report resulting from the forum, Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) note several trends in their immediate ecosystem which are important to post-trade more widely.
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