ECSDA Members database (2014)

ECSDA Members database (2014)

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How to use the database

1. Abbreviations

  • EA = Euro Area country
  • EU = Non-euro area European Union country
  • EEA = Non-EU country member of the European Economic Area
  • Other = All other European countries
  • FP = For profit
  • NP = Non-profit
  • n.a. = data not available
  • N/A = not applicable

2. Main functionalities

The online database of ECSDA members allows you to access basic facts and figrues about European CSDs. Tools at your diposal include:

  • Filters: You can either use the “Auto filters” in the drop-down menu or click on “Search” and type in your own, customised criteria;
  • Single CSD factsheet: Click on “View” at the beginning of the line and you will see all the information on a given ECSDA member;
  • Print or Export to Excel: The links at the top-right hand corner of the page allow you to view the full dataset in a printable format, or to export in Excel for further use.