Mission and objectives

Mission and objectives

The main missions of ECSDA are:

  • to study technical, economic, financial, and regulatory issues affecting European central securities depositories, to offer solutions and provide advice on these topics;
  • facilitate cooperation between central securities depositories at the European and international level, including by providing a forum for the exchange of information, not only among members, but also between interested parties in the field of securities pre-settlement, settlement and custody;
  • promote the unique role of central securities depositories in financial markets, and especially their contribution to reducing risks and increasing efficiency in relation to cross-border securities processing, for the benefit of issuers, investors and market participants;
  • represent and defend the common interests of European central securities depositories, especially by supporting a coordinated approach towards relevant European and international regulatory and decision-making bodies with competence in the field of securities pre-settlement, settlement and custody.

ECSDA generally promotes:

  • a process flow that ensures highest efficiency with a low risk profile;
  • a level playing field with the highest standards for entities providing custody, pre-settlement and settlement services;
  • common standards to remove barriers to cross-border settlement;
  • the exchange of information on legal, tax, regulatory issues and market practices to foster harmonisation across Europe;
  • international cooperation.

ECSDA’s mission and objectives are further described inĀ our Articles of Association.