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ECSDA response to the EPTF consultation

European CSDs thank the European Commission for the constructive and effective discussions at the European Post Trade Forum (EPTF). In addition to the insight provided in the report resulting from the forum, Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) note several trends in their immediate ecosystem which are important to post-trade more widely.
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CSDs contributed to the creation of EU conflict of laws in their domain and do not see a need for an overarching reform

Today, ECSDA responded to the EU conflicts of law consultation. The legal certainty of securities settlement and holdings is of utmost importance for the resilience of CSDs’ ecosystems and the safety of their operations. For this reason, European CSDs have contributed to the creation of conflict of laws rules carefully crafted to address the special needs of securities settlement systems. ECSDA would like the legislators to ensure that the certainty provided by these rules is not altered in any new pieces of law. Continue reading