Updated ECSDA CSDR Penalties Framework

Updated ECSDA CSDR Penalties Framework

On 29 January, ECSDA published the updated version of the ECSDA CSDR Penalties Framework.

This version of the ECSDA Framework is based on the comments received during the public consultation in the summer 2018, further deep reflection among CSD experts and includes the confirmation of some working assumptions by relevant European authorities.

The “ECSDA CSDR Penalties Framework”, is the effort of compliance with the CSD Regulation. It aims at harmonisation of settlement penalties mechanisms across CSDs subject to CSDR or (potentially) equivalent regulation. It intends to provide a clear, safe and efficient Framework for settlement penalties solutions of CSDs, both the ones that will be using T2S penalties mechanism and other CSDs.

This updated version of the document will be presented and discussed with the main stakeholders on 18 February in Frankfurt. If you have comments on the Framework and an interest to attend the event, please let us know and we will check, if the capacity allows us to invite you to join.

Updated version 17 April 2020

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