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The registration of securities holders

19 Jul 2016 – The registration of securities holders refers to the process of recording ownership or legal holding in securities in an official list called the register. This list facilitates the identification of securities holders by issuers and regulators. A new report by ECSDA looks at existing legal requirements in 38 European markets, highlighting the current lack of harmonisation in the legal and practical approaches to securities holders registration.
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Account segregation at CSDs

13 Oct 2015 – Based on data collected from 41 CSDs across Europe, ECSDA’s new report describes existing account segregation practices with a view to inform the current debate on the optimal level of segregation, focusing on the perspective of central securities depositories.

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CSDs support shareholder transparency

15 July 2014 – On 9 April 2014, the European Commission issued a legislative proposal amending the Shareholders Rights Directive (SRD) of 2007. ECSDA looks at the expected impact of the proposal on central securities depositories (CSDs), and highlights some issues for consideration by the European legislator. Continue reading