Public events

Upcoming events

The Network Forum will take place in Warsaw from 27 to 29 June 2017.

The World Forum of CSDs conference, WFC2017, will take place in Hong Kong from 14 to 17 November 2017. More details can be found on the conference website.

ECSDA speeches and presentations at past events

Key trends & challenges for European CSDsEPTF meeting, Brussels04/03/2016
CSDR: What should we prepare for?NeMa2015, Athens10/06/2015
Recent trends in the CSD industry and their implicationsKSD 40th anniversary, Seoul07/11/2014
CSDR: Changes and Challenges for market participantsPost Trade Forum, Vienna11/09/2014
CSDR – Getting to grips with the new rulesECS conference, London25/06/2014
A competitive infrastructure for registration & settlementBørs- og verdipapirkonferansen, Oslo30/01/2014
CSD Regulation: Latest state of playECS conference, London25/06/2013
How will CSDs adapt to regulatory changes in Europe?ACG 15 Conference, Seoul03/11/2011
CSD legislation: What can we expect?C&S Conference, London05/09/2011
Initial thoughts on the revised CPSS-IOSCO PrinciplesECB, Frankfurt11/07/2011
ECSDA’s work on settlement disciplineCOGESI, Frankfurt22/11/2010
ECSDA-EACH-FESE on the Code of ConductMOG, Brussels15/03/2009
Recent developments in post tradeOIC Forum, Instanbul24/10/2009
ECSDA 2008 Study on Issuer ServicesCSD10, Budapest22/05/2009